Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting it Done in February, and Goals for March

I guess it depends on what the meaning of "done" is.

Here were my 5 goals from the beginning of February:

  1. have fun, or everything else is pointless. Verdict: there were moments of fun, and there were moments of not fun. The not-fun was largely a function of not being able to have time to quilt or knit, so I guess that says something right there.
  2. hand applique one of the floral side blocks for the 1996 Piecemaker's calendar quilt Not Done.
  3. finish Daniel's socks, and get halfway on another pair for Steve. Done!
  4. finish the Easy Street blocks and begin seaming them together Done with the top!
  5. and for good measure, make Crumbs blocks and play with the Scrappy Trip-Along. Which will be fun even if I don't get them done.  Crumbs blocks - some done.
Besides these goals which were a mixed bag, I actually did a few other craft-related things.  I excavated a hibernating bathmat on size 15 needles and started working on that again.  And, well, that was about it.

So now I need to set goals for March:
  1. True to my habit, I drew a random #3 from my master list - Bowling Style Knitting Bag.  Maybe this will be the time I get it done.  Goodness knows I'd like to clear the rolls of fabric out of my sewing area!
  2. Quilt, bind, and give away the Easy Street quilt.  There is a hard deadline for this one.
  3. Finish Crumbs quilt top for Cedar Tree auction.  There is a semi-hard deadline for this one, and I will need to start collecting signatures from the students soon also.
  4. Finish current Steve socks and begin the next sock project, whatever it is.  It may be the argyles hibernating from last year.
  5. Finish that knit cotton yarn bathmat that I dug out of cold storage this month.
  6. For fun, play with the Scrappy trip-along.  I wanted to do this last month and never got to it.
These are more than the 4 goals we are supposed to set, I know.  But 2 of them are "have to" projects at this point, and I want to keep the fun element in there.  And that is really only a tiny fraction of the things I would like to do.

Linking up to Judy L's blog so you can check out what others are working on.


Jill said...

I like your first February goal! I also have more than four goals, although I call my last two "Extra Credit" (must be the teacher in me.)

Heather L. said...

That is a good idea to randomly choose a goal from a year's bucket list. Never tried that goal technic before but am going to keep it in mind.