Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wassail, Wassail All Over the Town...

Cedar Tree had its Madrigal Feaste yesterday and today at the Belltower Cathedral in Ridgefield.  Steve and I attended yesterday's performance, where Primigenitus played the King amid much merriment and music, and <<spoiler alert>> Cyrano actually got the girl.
For those who didn't manage to get tickets before it sold out, there will be an encore free (but foodless) performance at Cedar Tree on Tuesday the 6th of December at 7:00 p.m. 

I was bursting with pride at my son's performance.  He's really grown so much as a singer and actor, and his self-confidence is so many miles ahead of where mine ever was, especially at his age.  All the kids are a delight to see; the casting was great, especially when you consider many of these kids are 7th graders and they are holding their own with the Seniors.  And they are all my students (or former students)!

Today Tertia was off to the Library to sing with her school choir.  She needs to practice looking at the director and not getting distracted.  The band played too... there was a notice up that said because of the children's program, "noise may exceed usual library quiet standards."  Uh, yes.  There was wassail and cookies there, too.

Then it was on to a bridal shower for the girls and me, and more sweets.  I won the "guess the spice" game and Quarta came in second, and we now have coordinating Christmas mugs from the prize box.  Fun!

Tomorrow is a fellowship meal after church, and Steve and I just harvested several bunches of the mustard greens that are thriving in our garden.  I'm thinking of doing a version of Colcannon soup with potatoes, mustard greens, and maybe some pumpkin.  I'll also freeze the extra mustard greens after chopping and blanching them for 2 minutes as the Blue Book recommends... I've found that you can use spinach and mustard greens combined in "spinach noodle bake" instead of straight spinach.  And mustard greens grow like, well, weeds in our garden.

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