Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting the Tree Down, and Up Again

A slight mishap occurred yesterday when we cut down the Christmas tree.  We are thankful for understanding neighbors, no significant damage or injuries, and a pre-existing relationship with the fencing company.
Steve to Secundus: "Hand me that saw!"  No, Secundus does not dress for the season.  It's a macho thing, I guess.  I was busy inside, vacuuming and rearranging furniture.  I moved the sleeper sofa all by myself, and now my lower back is really sore.
It may be our most expensive free Christmas tree ever, but the girls had fun decorating it.  There are lots of clusters of cedar cones, those are the brown things.  We turned it so the lean is toward the window.  You have to use ornament hooks because the branches are not firm enough to support loops of string; Quarta used all of ours plus most of the paperclips in the junk drawer, but all the ornaments are up.  There is a lot of foliage left from the tree which I may or may not make into a garland for the white picket fence.
Seasonal hats make the job even more enjoyable.  It is a proven fact that little girls will do all sorts of jobs if they can wear elf hats and Santa hats.

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