Monday, May 30, 2011

A Finished Project, an Enhanced Stash, and a Pig Roast

I rediscovered an old project (circa 2008) while excavating the craft room.  This is a rug made with yarn cut from old t-shirts.  The pattern is Trinity, based on the basic log-cabin square blanket knitting pattern (really a method rather than a pattern).  I had put it away because working with the 1" wide strips of cotton fabric on size 15 needles is not as relaxing as other kinds of knitting, but it was 85% finished.  Or, I decided it just needed a little extra push to finish it, so I did.  And I put the other balls of t-yarn in a pretty basket until I'm foolhardy enough to start another rug.  So the kids' bathroom has a new, very knobbly, bathmat and my forearms and wrists are sore.
Memorial Day sales added this to my stash (because everyone knows that the first step to using up a lot of scraps is to buy more fabric to use as backgrounds and blenders, right?).  Solid cottons, 1 1/2 yard each of the colors and 4 yards of white, and 1 yard each of the ginghams.  I really do plan to make some scrappy quilts with them.  Plus, they are very "now" colors and most of my stash is very "not now." 
 We just came back from a Memorial Day pig roast.  What a neat idea for party hosts with lots more energy than we have!  They had a whole pig stuffed with more pork roasts, rubbed with all sorts of yummy seasonings, wrapped in lots of heavy duty foil and chicken wire and slow-roasted overnight in a pit on their property.  Then they brought it over to the Grange hall they had rented on a pickup truck, unwrapped it and served it there, along with a choice of barbecue sauces and the potluck dishes everyone else brought.  And the weather was even nice (mid 60's and partly sunny)!

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