Sunday, May 22, 2011

Defining the Blog, part 1

There comes a time in all new relationships when you are supposed to define expectations, read relationship books (like Blogging for Dummies and The IT Girls' Guide to Blogging with Moxie), and have deep and sometimes painful conversations about the Future.

It helps if you are brutally honest about your personal shortcomings (total lack of tech skills, frequent shifts in interest, a tendency to over-write).  Taking the blog out for a makeover is a nice way to keep it fun and relieve some of the angst of this process.

At this point in our relationship I am prepared to say that blog and I have had some heart-to-hearts and are optimistic about our future together.  In an age when blogs are going bust all the time, this is good news -- even if it means readers will have to deal with entries on quite varied subjects.  Look for complete details in a future post, but for now we have come up with one guiding principle:

The blog will be eclectic.

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