Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Connectivity issues

We have been experiencing intermittent internet outages. Thinking back to the age of dial-up, not that long ago, I can remember what it was like when your modem didn't do its thing. It used to make a sequence of musical buzzing and boinging sounds lasting about 15 seconds: if the sequence deviated even a little or lasted longer than 15 seconds, you knew that you would have to try to sign on again. But now, we have come to expect instant access. This problem does not appear to be caused by the modem. Something in the wiring of the house or the neighborhood, perhaps? Wiser technological heads than mine are stumped. All I can say is that it is annoying.
We finished the bear puzzle that was put out for the Last Noel over last weekend. There was a section of pieces missing around the chest of the bottom bear: a hazard of puzzles bought at Goodwill. Otherwise a beautiful and challenging puzzle -- I can never resist a jigsaw puzzle. I decided to take a picture of this one and then throw it away, so as not to pass on a puzzle missing pieces to the next Goodwill customer. The thrifty part of me had a hard time doing this. As you can see, it's a beautiful puzzle and did provide hours of enjoyment.
In knitting news, Ravelry closed down Remnants. For those who are not knitters, this would be a little like, say, Facebook having a very large, very random forum for everyone who was on Facebook but not otherwise productively occupied (for example) in playing Farmtown or Bejewelled Blitz, to say basically anything they wanted or to comment on the ramblings of others. With buttons to vote "agree", "disagree," "funny," and so on. And then, imagine the moderators of that forum just might find it hard to police. So it was pretty inevitable, but there are possibly thousands of displaced, drama-loving knitters wandering the internet right now, seeking random conversation. If you stumble across any, please be kind to them.

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