Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tour de Fleece, day 6

I missed blogging on the 4th of July.  This photo was taken yesterday morning, but is actually of Day 4's spinning (July 3).  I finished bobbin 5 and plied my first two skeins that day.
This photo was taken this morning, of yesterday's spinning, so Day 5.  I made the boys run the barbecue and did very little prep work other than making the potato salad and answering the constant stream of questions... everything from "do we have this?" or "where is this?" to "how do I do this?" so that I actually did have to get up and down quite a lot.  Still, it's probably my most productive day yet.  I plied two more skeins, then refilled bobbins 1 and 2.  I haven't washed any of the 4 skeins yet.  I'm trying to keep records of which colorways are used in which skeins, and how many yards they total, but I'm not always terribly scientific.

Vancouver goes insanely all-out for the 4th of July.  Everybody seems to volunteer at one of hundreds of fireworks stands supporting different clubs, and everybody (except us) seems to buy hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks that make going to sleep anytime before midnight on the 4th extremely dicey.  Allergies combined with all the smoke in the air make most of us very stuffy-nosed, and the kids tend to be grumpy the next day.  And anything that didn't get exploded last night will be waiting for us tonight, I have a feeling.  All of this, and the temperature is still in the 60s... no heat wave in the Pacific Northwest!

I'm a bit frustrated with my ineptitude with photo editing.  I've apparently exceeded my quota for this blog, but it still lets me upload photos from my computer for my daily posts, just not to dress up my sidebar or anything.  Apparently I have a Picasa account although I don't know how to use it.  Other people on Ravelry are making lovely collages of their work in the Tour de Fleece.  I know how to do that with some programs, like beeclips which I used last year, but it would probably take a long time and I'd rather be spinning for now.  Eventually I'll get around to having somebody who understands computers teach me how to manage the photos I take for the blog.  It seriously can't be that hard, and hopefully could be done without obligating myself to lifelong monthly fees.  When I scale that particular Mt. Olympus, I'll let you know!

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