Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Preparations

The Ravelympics have been renamed the Ravellenic Games in response to claims of trademark infringement... but I'm still calling them the Ravelympics.  Or just plain Olympics, during which I'll be knitting.  I'm almost but not quite ready.  I have the yarn wound into center-pull balls, and I have a basic color progression planned for the sweater:
(The chicken sandwich on top left is Tertia's -- I was hurrying to put the yarn away before lunch!)

The sweater is Rhinebeck, from A Fine Fleece, by Lisa Lloyd.  If I had world enough and time I would knit just about every sweater in this book.  This will be the second time through for Rhinebeck, because I already have a version of this sweater for myself.  This one's for Beth, who wanted one just like it.  So, starting tomorrow, there will be lots more of the orange... of course, you've already seen the orange being spun during the Tour de Fleece.  Can I knit a sweater, start to finish, in 17 days?  Um, maybe.  Depends on how much I get distracted.

I still haven't done a swatch or selected a needle size or cleaned out my knitting bag.

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