Sunday, May 7, 2017


This is actually Sunday morning before church, but I spent Saturday taking Tertia shopping for dresses for Life Skills Prom next week, doing a bit of gardening, getting my Duolingo Swedish tree entirely golden (I'm switching languages to Dutch now because it's too depressing how fast trees get ungolden, and I'm declaring victory), fighting Charlemagne in the Holy Roman Empire in a Civ4 game, and watching SPECTRE.

Plumbing update: the estimator came out with a scope and determined the location of the part of the sewer line that needs to be replaced. Apparently at some time in the past, the PVC pipe was broken and someone patched it by putting a half-round of a larger PVC pipe over it, thus leaving a golden opportunity for tree roots to find the gap. It is 2 feet deep, slightly under the AC pad. We had the AC installed 10 years ago but no one told us of a problem then. So otherwise it would have been something in the time before we owned the house. Anyway, that part is a relatively easy and not-too-terribly expensive fix. We're still not sure about the flooring inside the house. That will probably depend on whether insurance would cover it at all.

 Another quilt top finished! This is a low-tone Burgoyne Surrounded, the APQquiltalong from 2014. I was on that bandwagon for awhile and then it fell into the black hole for awhile, and now it's ready to add to the quilting pipeline. Very pleased with the fun scrappy mix of colors.
 This block features Olivia the pig.
 New quilt project: Frugal Patch. Speaking of long-dormant quilting projects, I printed off  this from the Quilter's Cache in 2006. I have been cutting 1.5"x 2.5" rectangles and sorting them into color families, off and on, ever since. Mostly off. My concept for this quilt was to make it a massive rainbow-gradation color study, as you can see from my sketch above. Because, while I like scrappy quilts, I like "planned scrappy" quilts better. I've started finally just sewing some units together and seeing how they look.
 Some square-in-square blocks will have a dark neutral background, and some will have a light-neutral background. Originally I was going to use just one patch of each color in my stash, but I think that might drive me insane.
So far I have pieced a lot of the already-cut rectangles together. I've decided it's possible to use 2.5" strips to cut the triangles for the square-in-square pieces, but I will have to piece them very carefully.  I'm envisioning a twin-size quilt when I'm all done. Definitely a workout for my design wall.

Thursday and Friday I sub-taught Latin to 3rd-5th grades, and will again tomorrow. It is a fun reminder of how little minds learn. And wears me out completely, even just a half day!

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