Saturday, November 19, 2016


This was the week Muffball, the inside cat, had fleas. We didn't realize it at first, because she's an inside cat and we hadn't seen a flea since the summer. It was so bad, she scratched herself raw in spots, and when I took her to the vet Monday he said she was having an allergic reaction, probably to the fleas, and I had been giving her the wrong dosage of Advantage. Because she's not a small cat anymore, although she still seems small to me. Except when I was trying to put her in the carrying cage to go to the vet. Then she fought like a demon and nearly overpowered me five times. But the vet gave her a cortisone shot, and I gave her a second dose of flea medicine, and I haven't seen one flea since, and her scabby skin has really started to improve. So when I take her back next month for her regular shots, I think I'll look into getting her the extended-wear collar, so I won't have to worry about forgetting Advantage.

Tertia has been working with the Theater club at school, and yesterday and today they had performances of "Love, Live," a series of vignettes presented as if TV watchers were channel surfing. It was pretty well-done. Tertia's role had only one line; she was the smoothie-drinking testimonial in the Bass-O-Matic infomercial. She raised her glass with stoic determination and a slight smile. I was really impressed. I also really enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet scene where Romeo's lines were the original but Juliet was a jive-talker. And the commercial for Swiftamine... the doctor-approved cure for Taylor Swift Induced Vertigo (they did tell me that there were hundreds of causes of dizziness, so it just makes sense). And the boy who's scheming about how to get into detention so he can pursue a bad girl called "Harm" (short for Harmony).

Quarta got a haircut today. She has a ponytail all packaged up to mail in to Locks of Love, and has been flipping her hair around all day.

Peter has made his appearance back home for Thanksgiving, and has a pretty full social calendar already. We hope to see him a few times in the coming week.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I have to plan and cook that in the coming week. The turkey, christened by Quarta "Jeffrey the 14th", is now thawing on the top rack of the fridge. Other details to be figured out, hopefully soon.

Romanian has been released in beta on Duolingo. I've started it, wanting to add the fifth modern Romance language to my list. It's quite fun so far. Really seems to be a crossroads of Europe, with loan words from French, German, Italian and probably some other ones I don't know, and of course a lot of Latin.

I'm still spending a lot of time on Twitter in the post-election days. I haven't really managed to keep up with the Washington Post... it keeps refreshing and making me reload, which takes it back to the beginning of the paper. I end up getting frustrated and just reading what I can before falling asleep at night. Sometimes I make it, mostly not. Skipping the sports section is of course a given; also the opinion pieces, if they're clearly marked and not by someone I really enjoy reading. I wonder if, even yet, the mainstream media realize that they are the ones largely to blame for creating the Trump phenomenon?

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