Saturday, September 17, 2016


Randomday... go! (15 minutes timed blogging)

 Cleaning the floor last week, I also swept out the storage cupboards in the mudroom and paired up all the men's shoes I could find there. I posted this picture on Facebook but without much success. Steve has claimed E, I've thrown out H (which had a hole in the sole), and still waiting to hear from the boys about whose is whose. I'm just going to make my best guess and dump them in their rooms, I guess.
 Sheet pan dinners are in, and this one looked pretty when I was putting it into the oven last Sunday, so I took this picture. Olive, veggies and garden herbs with a little salt and pepper, added to the frozen chicken breasts. It was good with brown rice and lentils, green beans, and a big salad.
Quarta's first day of 9th grade on Monday. That was the day my sister in Virginia scared the whole family by having a heart attack (apparently not a classic heart attack, but a coronary artery spasm). I was once again relieved not to be teaching, and it has continued that way this week. My sister is doing fine and recovering; I believe her prognosis is pretty good. Quarta has accomplished a lot in her first week; I've accomplished virtually nothing in my first week of retirement.

The rains have started today (typical Northwest, once school starts, Saturdays are rainy days and all the weekdays in September and often October are beautiful!) Quarta has a "barn dance" this evening and thus we can't watch Dr. Who, but Steve and I may watch the second episode of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell if video streaming works in a reasonably timely way.

I have been knitting on some socks for Steve... and I don't think I've ever taken a picture of them. I'll aim to get back to documenting my life a bit better on this blog, and aim for some actual work progress photos next time.

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