Saturday, February 6, 2016

Randomday, with Violets

 It may be only barely into February, but we have flowers in our backyard!  The violets are really pretty.
 Under the apple trees, it's like a carpet of them, and they smell beautiful.  Tertia and I picked a few.
On the camellia tree, one single bloom is starting.  Steve had to hold it for me at camera level.
And the crocuses are looking perky in the sunshine. Daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are on tap for the months to come.  We may get a lot of rain, but I do like the early spring weather.

This past week involved lots of grading and data entry, and some writing, but probably not enough. Saturdays find me tired and completely unambitious, and today was no exception.  Steve is looking for a movie to watch on Netflix and I might do a bit of knitting or sewing. I'm getting close to finishing my first knitting project in months, a pair of socks. In a lovely spring green.  Just in time for the season.

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garnet said...

Oh the joy of spring flowers! TFS