Saturday, April 18, 2015

Randomday: Catching Up

Spring Break has come and gone, and I haven't blogged much.  Here are some pictures to catch you up.
Peter joined a Cedar Tree work group in Baja, Mexico, building a home for a deserving family and taking time occasionally to entertain the observers.
It's the second time he's been part of this trip, and it's great for him to have such a meaningful life experience.
Meanwhile, Steve, the girls and I went on a 2-day trip to Tacoma.  It was very pretty, as you can see.  We visited Fort Nisqually, which is a lot like a more compact version of our Fort Vancouver, and the Point Defiance Park zoo and aquarium.
Turtles sunning themselves at the fountain in the park.
A peacock obligingly showing off at the zoo.  We don't have pictures of the Museum of Glass, where we sat transfixed for nearly two hours watching the creation of a sculpture, start to finish.
When we returned, Quarta took part in a really cool birthday party for a friend of hers.  The girls dressed up in vintage clothing and had their pictures taken at various venues across town; Costco, 7-11, a diner, a cafe, and various living rooms of friends.  Peter returned from Mexico and we went right back into school this last week.  Maybe not quite as refreshed as we might have wished.

Now as we hurtle toward the end of the school year, Peter has to wrap up his Senior year and keep up with his National Guard duties (he is away at drill this weekend); Daniel is wrapping up his Junior year at college and writing impossibly long and complicated papers and applications for internships; Tertia is busy with school, choir and friends; Quarta is working crew for the Sherlock Holmes play the school is putting on this week.  I'm muddling along as best I can with Latin and the usual classes, and I'm half-heartedly thinking about cleaning the rest of the carpets I started shampooing over break.  The clean sections make the rest look worse.

Since I haven't blogged in so long, I have a backlog of random thoughts and observations that are in danger of being lost to the world forever (not that it would be a huge loss or anything).  I need to get back in the habit with at least a book review soon.

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