Saturday, January 31, 2015


It occurs to me that this week has been more random than most, so even though I am tempted to be lazy and not blog, I feel compelled to share by the sheer randomness of life recently.

A battered silver trumpet was left in front of our house this week.  Propped up against the fence, just behind a little heather shrub.  I have not yet been successful in reuniting it with its rightful owner, who is most likely an elementary of middle school student reluctant to practice.

Quarta was quite sick most of the week, with a fever from Sunday until Wednesday and a nasty cough that is still lingering.  Tertia was sent home from school Thursday with an upset stomach, although she bounced back very quickly and had no fever.  I have been fighting the wretched virus myself for at least two weeks.  I'm using everything at my disposal: Airborne, vitamin C, Cold-eze, an elixir made with local honey, and that Cold Calm homeopathic remedy that has "apis mellifica" in it.  And if you know Latin, you will realize that this means they put ground up honeybees in it.  And if you are desperate enough to stay well, you will take it anyway.  It seems to be working about as well as anyone could expect.

We cannot use our overn.  Apparently, the circuit board that operates the touchpad controls is no longer working.  This seems to be a common problem.  It's probably just coincidence that I keep thinking of baked goods I want to try.

This evening we watched Divergent with the girls, then started Grand Budapest Hotel.  That has to be one of the strangest double-features ever.

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