Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quick Randomday to Start the New Year

This has been a week of shopping for clothes (spending that Christmas money!) and being lazy.  Nobody is ready to go back to school yet,  but it's coming Monday for 4 of us.

Daniel used some of his Christmas cash to buy a bookcase at Ikea to replace the cheap one that was falling apart.  He and Peter conquered Ikea in less time than I would have thought possible, and carried out the two heavy boxes to the car themselves.

Tertia is hard to fit for clothing.  She's theoretically the same size around the waist as I am, but 10 inches shorter and shaped quite differently.  I have a hard time finding things off the rack that are appropriate for a young girl... neither too childish nor too old-ladyish.  I had pretty good success yesterday at the little resale boutique near us, when I threw myself on the mercy of the shop owner and she suggested several things that will work for her.  I could get used to that kind of shopping!

Quarta and I had a date to the mall.  She wanted to visit Justice and Claire's, and I pretty much predicted what she would buy: a collectible Minecraft figurine, some candy, a Beanie Baby owl and some clip-on earrings.  We bought jeans and a stylish shirt for her earlier in the week.  Tonight she has a friend for a sleepover.  She has been gradually introducing all her friends to Doctor Who.

The Last Noel will be next week, after the shock of back to school has hopefully worn off.  I will have a lot of cooking to do, and maybe a little cleaning.  Our vacuum cleaner has been giving me trouble, and it needs a new filter that is out of stock at all the stores I've checked so far.

I am going to have to figure out how to tune my hammered dulcimer soon.  It is just off enough to bother me.  Fortunately, as the shop owner told Steve, it is the kind of instrument that sounds pretty even for utter beginners.

Fellowship at church tomorrow; this means I made pflaumenkuchen today, and have a crock pot of chorizo and chick-pea soup with kale ready to take.  We also made homemade pizza today for the first time in eons.

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