Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Little Bit of Handwork

I have been neglecting the blog of late, and here are some projects that really deserve to be seen.  First, some of my mother-in-law's quilts that I pinned for her over a month ago:
Pretty and sweet.
This one's intriguing, all in plaids.  You have to step back to see the overall pattern.  She's probably got both of these tied and finished by now!  My own quilting and sewing has not been progressing at all, but I remain hopeful that I'll be able to get back into it now that the school year has started up.  If I can just shake the first week exhaustion.

I have a finished project in knitting to share with the yarn-along.  I started this rug from T-shirt yarn in July or so, after I finished Daniel's Ipad cover.  My original thought was for him to be able to use it in college, but he ended up taking a braided rug that his grandmother made (the same one who made the above quilts).  I packed it along in the car when he and Steve left, and finished it while we were on vacation.  The t-shirts that provided the yarn were some of the boys' when they were small: the "Montana Bear Patrol" and the different striped ones that they got sick of wearing.  Tertia's Pooh dress is the pink, and there are a few other nostalgic memories in there.  I pretty much cleaned out all my t-shirt yarn for this, and it's quite heavy, although not quite as long as I had hoped.  Also on my travels I worked on the Mint Chocolate sweater sleeves, and made several dishcloths, not pictured.

Reading: I am starting Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich after reading some fairly lightweight books over the summer.  Also, encouraged by Daniel, I have an audiobook of Robert Jordan's Eye of the World out from the library, and am a little over halfway through it.  I'm not sure I'm sold on this epic many-book saga quite yet, but I'm a little more interested in it than I was at first.  I won't do a thorough book review this post though.  I hope to bring the travels up to date soon with the next installment(s) of our summer vacation.

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