Saturday, May 17, 2014

Randomday with Marching Bands and Muppets

This week was a busy one at school: an inservice on Tuesday, Grandparents' Day on Friday and an evening of Senior Thesis presentations.  At the assembly during school I helped hand out the National Latin Exam honors -- Quarta was the only student in the school to get a perfect score and so received a purple certificate.  Lots of purple ribbons for high achievement on the Intro to Latin test taken by 5th and 6th grades.  In 7th grade I had 3 gold medalists and 8th grade had 2 silvers.  It's always nice to see students rewarded publicly for their hard work.

Peter left for his first training weekend with the National Guard yesterday afternoon.  Kind of weird sending a little boy off to the Army.  Only, as Steve reminded me, he would be a senior this year if he had entered school on the same schedule that the two of us did, with our Fall birthdays.

Daniel had quite the adventure coming home from Pennsylvania.  First of all, his wallet was misplaced and presumed stolen for about 3 hours the evening after his last final exam, and he had to go through all the hassle of putting a fraud alert out on his accounts.  It was found in a different part of campus in a bag, unharmed, and returned to him, so that was a relief.  But then his flight to Newark from Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning was cancelled because of a fire in Chicago, and he and his friend had to put up in a hotel for the night to meet their substitute flight to Houston on Thursday morning, only to find out that it was seriously delayed.  At this point Daniel was able to get a different flight through Chicago (which presumably had recovered from the fire by then) which got him back to PDX a little less than 24 hours later than originally planned.  As my Dad commented, "Life's too short to be marooned in Pittsburgh."  But he's home now and we're really glad to have him.

Today was the annual Hazel Dell Parade of Bands, an extravaganza of small town Americana that has to be experienced to be believed.  Quarta and Minuet hung out together most of the day.  I levelled up in French on DuoLingo -- by the way, I started French on DuoLingo last week, I can't remember if I mentioned.  I was able to test out of 22 skills in one fell swoop earlier in the week, which was most gratifying.  Tertia and I did a library run, at which she picked out 3 Tintin books and I picked out a Norwegian knitting book, 2 Indian cookbooks and the newest Hamish MacBeth mystery (Death of a Policeman, which is ominous).  The entire family went out to Burgerville and then to see Muppets Most Wanted.

I still have a stack of verb synopsis quizzes to grade, so I'm off in search of a movie to soothe the pain.

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