Saturday, February 11, 2017


Randomday, once again. A 10-minute blog limit. No media analysis to be attempted this time!

Yesterday evening and today we attended a lecture series by Ken Myers of Mars Hill Audio, formerly of NPR, on Christianity and Culture. Or something in that vein. It was a little more philosophical and cerebral than I was completely comfortable with on a weekend, but it was very stimulating. I got about 3 inches of knitting on Steve's socks.

We checked out an Indian restaurant called Maruti, on Hawthorne, yesterday evening. All vegetarian, and really delicious.

Steve and I just watched the first episode of Man in the High Castle. I'm hooked, Steve isn't. It goes like that with tense thrillers in our house sometimes.

Quarta made devil's food cake with fluffy chocolate frosting this last Tuesday, I think, just because there was a chocolate deficiency going on.

We had some of the hardest rain I've ever seen Thursday, I think. It was bucketing down and bouncing off the pavement at least six inches. But this weekend has been nicer.

I'll be making a quick trip to Arizona next week to see family, including Beth who is flying in from Scotland. It was fun arranging this and I hope I can soak in some warm weather to last me until July. Our winter weather in December and January has set the spring back by a few weeks, I think.

Okay, time's up. Going to bed to read.

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