Saturday, May 2, 2015


Quick, I need to write a Randomday post before I fall asleep from exhaustion.  I can usually manage that.

I have had this strange spring-cleaning compulsion, but not quite enough energy to do it right.  Today I cleaned the bathrooms.  I will do that if there is grading I am "supposed" to be doing.  I think those Magic Eraser things are just amazing for getting the scummy stuff off of the bathtub.  I am less impressed with the growth of the black moldy/ gunky stuff in between the shower doors, but at least it is better than it was.  There's something a bit reassuring about a bathroom that smells like bleach.

Daniel only has two weeks of his Junior year in college.  His housing group won the All-College Sing tonight on Parents' weekend, and we were able to listen in on the live broadcast for a bit.

Peter only has (... counting...) 5 weeks (well, 4 and a half) of Senior year at Cedar Tree.  He keeps taking part in long runs, swims and bike rides whenever I was hoping to take his senior pictures and plan his graduation party.  Having an official graduation party is apparently a Thing on the West Coast.  It wasn't for either Steve or me.

I took Tertia to a hip-hop dance at the Sons of Norway hall last night.  It's an activity organized by some of her friends' parents, to get more dance and social opportunities for our kids with Down syndrome and other diagnoses.  It kind of morphed into a karaoke night, and Tertia was up for that, belting out Katy Perry with the best of them.

We watched Paddington Bear with the girls tonight.  What a fun, sweet movie!  I'm continually amazed at the visual effects and computer animation today and what it's capable of.  But more than that, I think most movies today really try to do some faithful storytelling and character representation.  More so than was the norm in my young days.

Another beautiful day of sunshine today.  I finally did get around to grading a little, sitting outside in the breeze.

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