Saturday, October 11, 2014

Randomday Birthday

It is Randomday... and my birthday.  I turned 47, but for most of the last 3 months I had the vague idea that I was already 47 (I'm a language person, after all, not math!) so it didn't seem to be a painful birthday.  I hope I can manage to forget my age again in 3 years.

Because I was born in Europe at a few minutes after midnight local time, my birthday technically begins on October 10, so we celebrated yesterday.

Steve's mom was hospitalized October 9 for testing after chest pains.  There was not evidence of a heart attack, so they released her yesterday.  Steve picked her up, filled her prescription, and brought her here for her first meal out of the hospital, which he proceeded to cook -- Pad Thai, my standing birthday request -- and it was delicious, and we ate in reasonably good time, and had the "signature prune cake" from Chuck's, which was also delicious, and then Steve took his mom home so she could rest.  Pretty eventful early birthday, but it went pretty well.  Kudos to Steve for managing all of that.

At school we had a team of accreditors visiting all the teachers in all the classes on the 9th and 10th, so it was an extra-stressful week.  My classes went reasonably well in 7th and 8th grade, but 6th grade was, shall we say, sub-optimal. But I think we passed, so that's all to the good.

This week Tertia's school has been having school spirit events leading up to homecoming... so she has been dressing in themes all week.

Today Peter had to take the SAT.  I got up to fry him a couple of eggs for breakfast, then went back to bed to read for awhile.  After breakfast (which Steve cooked again!) I did some language practice on Duolingo and then took Tertia (who had a birthday a few weeks ago) shopping for birthday girl stuff.

Then I came home and did some sewing... for the first time in months.  I worked on the rainbow string star, I now have all 8 strips of this 5-diamond sequence, the first of the 5 strip sets I need.  It was fun.  I should work on quilts more often.  And blog about them.
We went out for dinner at the Golden City Chinese restaurant, which was lovely.  It used to be my lifeline when I was pregnant with Quarta and Chinese was the only thing that I could think about eating.  Then it was home to watch Dr. Who with the girls (and fluff up Tertia's pillow with good dreams afterwards, because mummies are her biggest fear).  Now we have The Big Sleep going.
And I am blogging.  And thinking about having a snack on some leftover Pad Thai.  It's been a pretty good birthday.

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