Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday and Yarn-Along

 Quilting on the Farmer's Wife Quilt continues.  This is block #22, Corn and Beans.
 #67, Pine Tree.  Some of the blocks I'm going to do a little special quilting in, but a lot will probably be stitch in the ditch.
 #27, Darting Birds.  Because of the narrow range on my Megaquilter setup, I can only quilt a little over half a block at a time, then I will have to scroll the quilt.  Slow and steady, though.

In other quilting news, Bonnie Hunter has suggested colors for her upcoming mystery quiltalong, Celtic Solstice.  I think this will be a fun one, something to look forward to over the holiday season.

Knitting on Rosalind continues slowly (I'm now at the beginning of the left front), but I want to cast on a new socks project: argyles for Secundus.  He wants blue for the backgound, brown diamonds and that light green for the diagonal lines.  I am reading Fyre, the 7th book in the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage.  I've reviewed the previous books (link to the first 2) in the series, and by interesting coincidence, Redeemed Reader has a review recently.  Great series of middle-school appropriate fantasy.  I really want to get back into book reviews, but it's parent-teacher conferences this week.  Sigh.

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Allison said...

Love your blocks. Very nicely pieced.

Thanks for the heads up on the book. I have a 10 year old boy who is a VORACIOUS reader. This is definitely a series I can show him.