Saturday, October 5, 2013


Well, it took Donna Noble in a wedding dress, but Tertia is now a Dr. Who fangirl.
Up until "The Runaway Bride" episode she was cowering in fear whenever the rest of us watched one of the Dr. Who episodes.  They do have a very high creepy factor, so I can't blame her.  But a girl in a pretty dress makes all the difference, I guess.  I think she wants to be the next companion and travel on the "flying machine" with Dr. Who.
 Steve finished putting the second coat of paint on the fence today.  Daniel made repairs and put the first layer on last summer.  The paint is all that is holding some of the older boards together.
Along with the spiders (see yesterday's post) we have a lot of mushrooms around the yard.  They show up every year about this time.  Secundus and his friends used to whack at them with sticks when they were little.  I wonder if they are the fairy ring type, because they seem to grow in roughly a circle that gets wider every year.  This year the circle goes all around the house and is interrupted in several spots.  Don't worry. We have no plans to eat the mushrooms.

Today's randomness included all of the above plus cleaning two bathrooms which were far beyond the pale, making a triple batch of cream of celery soup to take to fellowship dinner tomorrow, Secundus working (helping to move to new office space), shopping for a new shower curtain and bathroom supplies, helping Quarta shop for a new cd player, more shopping, making pizza, and way more being the mean mommy who says no and makes you wash your hands with soap than I wanted to on my one day off.  Putting in a request now for a Saturday when I sew all day and do not run any errands at all.  I still need to: write a letter, deal with correspondence about Tertia's IEP, finish my Greek homework, and find a way to teach Tertia that soap is good and she needs it to keep clean.  Maybe a TARDIS shaped soap dispenser?

I noticed too late and have already skipped a day this month, but there are a lot of blogs doing this challenge - 31 for 21, blogging every day during October to raise awareness about Down syndrome.  I did last year and it was great, but I don't see being able to blog every single day.  Still, it's a worthy cause and I'll try to plan a few Down syndrome themed posts for a day that's a little less random.

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