Thursday, December 22, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery 4.5

Well, I've been grabbing moments to sew whenever I can and I'm still not done with clue 4.  But I probably will be very soon, maybe even today.  With Bonnie releasing the 6th clue early, I decided just to post what I had and try to catch up later.  I like making the red string blocks but they are going slowly, especially with having to do all the Christmas preparations and having the kids home.  I think clue 5 will go faster, and clue 6 actually has us assembling blocks-- whee!  I had some fun laying out all my patches so far on the dining room table for this picture.
(Okay, there is absolutely no reason why my blog would put this photo in upside down.  They both were in the correct direction in my picture file, I checked!  Blogger must have been drinking spiked eggnog.)
I'm linking up to Quiltville so you can check out what everyone else is doing.

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Leeanne said...

looking great, I think that is all we can do , bits here and there when we nice as it would be to shut ourselves away and 'just sew'...the world is needing us is some way other than just to quilt! darn it all :-)