Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Quilting STARS quilt-along: a finish!

It's done!  I applied the binding in a furious rush Saturday morning before we had to leave for a 3-hour car trip to a wedding in Seattle, and hand-stitched it down mostly during that time in the car.  This is the quilt-along from Melissa at Happy Quilting, and I just love the colors, the wonky stars, and the fact that it made a dent in my pink stash.
I had a bit of trouble with the Megaquilter while I was quilting it, but I eventually decided to pick out the variegated thread that was glitching it up, adjusted the tension and used plain eggshell thread, and it worked with a minimum of fuss.  I'm still not all friendly with the Megaquilter again, but we're on coldly formal speaking terms.
As we all know, a quilt isn't finished until it has a binding and a label.  So here it is.  Final dimensions are about 61" x 85".  I didn't put a hanging sleeve on because I figured it would almost certainly just be used as a bed quilt.  This quilt is to be donated to the Cedar Tree auction this spring, where I sincerely hope the bidding will get fast and furious and one of my future students will win the prize.

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Paskiaq said...

That is so beautiful! And so sweet of you to donate it to the auction...hope you get tons of fast and furious bids!