Saturday, September 19, 2015

Buddy Walk 2015

I took the sisters to the Portland Buddy Walk today.  It seemed like everyone was there!
Two sisters with two other sisters! Last week was the first week of school for me, so I was more than ready for a belt-it-out rendition of "Let it Go!"  And the nice thing about the Buddy Walk is, no one judges you for singing along loudly.
 Today is International Talk Like a Pirate day!  Of course they are here!  Arrr!
 The Star Wars people have been here every year we've gone.
And Santa Claus was there, handing out hugs.  We waved at Hagrid and Hermione as they passed, and gave high fives to the Central Catholic cheerleaders, and enjoyed the magician as we waited in line for lunch, and sang along with Tony Starlight to "Sweet Caroline."

 Before and after the slide, I didn't snap at the right time.  I think we felt just a little bit too old for the bounce house next door. (Next week is her 16th birthday).
 Both girls are good hula-hoopers.
I have to say, I was sad this morning when I woke up to this news, and in general also just because there are sad things going on all over the country with respect to the value of human life and especially the lives of those with Down syndrome.  It was good and life-affirming to hang out with many others walking the same road, to celebrate little things, to take a sunny and easy walk around the Rose Quarter, and eat hot dogs and make silly faces with the orange slices.  This is the world my daughter lives and thrives in every day, and the rest of us probably don't enter it often enough.  It's a world where people cheer for you and give you ribbons just for walking around the block, Santa is always there with a hug, you get a cool prize for spinning a wheel, and they give you a new and colorful t-shirt to keep.  What's not to like?  Who wouldn't want to live in this world full-time?  Why can't "real life" be a little more like the Buddy Walk?

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