Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hey, look who took a 2-month blog vacation.  What is it I do here, anyway?  At some point, I guess I'll have to come up with some deep thoughts.  But for today, we have pie.
 I cooked our pumpkins early this morning and pureed them.  The pie is from the blue-green one, which has really nice flavor, if you like pumpkins that is.  There's enough puree for 2 more pies in the freezer now.  Then there is Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie, and 2 apples - one with raisins because Steve requested them.
Quarta made a vatload of cranberry sauce.  There are two Costco bags of cranberries, which comes out to 64 ounces, and we had to do math to calculate the sugar and water to put in.  (5 cups sugar, 4 cups water and about 1 cup orange juice). I had to restrain her from eating a bowl of it for lunch, because I'm a killjoy that way.  I put some in the freezer for Christmas.

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