Saturday, November 28, 2015


Tertia's face did not make it into the Columbian's coverage, but it was still a nice event last night.  Today was still the lazy, post-holiday, leftover-eating experience. Quarta made it home from her overnight with a friend, and immediately started watching a Dr. Who marathon with Tertia.  Steve put the Christmas lights up.

I wrote and sent off the Round Robin letter.  Since I graduated from college (in 1989!), 5 friends and I have maintained this letter.  It may take as little as 2-3 months to make the circuit, or as much as a year.  This one came in the mail yesterday; the last time I wrote was Nov. 22, 2014. So I decided to contribute to a fast turnaround this time, probably my personal fastest ever.  It may take a long time to make the rounds, but the letter has never been lost in the mail. The six of us have 15 kids among us and we live in 6 different states.  Two of us have children at Grove City currently.

I sewed a fair amount today; the mystery quilt clue is more than half done.  I am doing a leisurely bit of tidying the sewing area, and ironing some of Steve's clothes while I sew. I'm afraid though, that I will really need to adopt stricter measures in my self-intervention aimed at Getting More Quilting Projects Done. I am reading "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie Willis, and listening to an audio recording of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ... in German.  My German is still not that good. I am just a few lessons away from finishing the Dutch "tree" on Duolingo. We watched "Home" this evening, a cutesy animated kid movie about a goofy alien. Kind of a fun day, all told.  We are all looking forward to a real break at Christmas, and not so much looking forward to the school days that have to happen before then.

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