Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Persephone in Spring

I finished that shawl I was knitting -- Persephone. I bought blocking wires so I could block it.  The knitting obsession is a strange thing.  I don't think I look good in shawls.  I don't really feel terribly comfortable or confident wearing them, and I don't exactly love the lace knitting process.  It's too fiddly and mathematical.  So, why do I keep adding shawls to my Ravelry queue?  Well, they are certainly beautiful when finished.  (Impractical, the voice in my mind mutters).

Yes, but so pretty.  That lovely blue flower is Veronica -- nice, happy, rock-wall-loving ground cover.  Lest you get an inaccurate idea of what life is like around our house in the spring, not shown in this picture is the very loud raven that was croaking at me from the birch tree outside of the picture to the right.  Turns out, as I was carrying shawl and camera back inside, I discovered it was guarding the carcass of a road-kill squirrel that it had hung from a twig on the tree.  I told it to take its prey and begone.  Fortunately, it did.  I hope it's far away now.  Ick. 

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