Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finished Evergreen Gardens

I finished this earlier in the week.  It's "Green Mountain Gardens" from the Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book, but I'm thinking of changing its name to reflect the Evergreen State where I live.  Yarn from eight different unravelled sweaters, purchased from thrift stores, went into it.  It is now officially my most favoritest sweater ever, and has convinced me that I really like stranded colorwork.  Unfortunately it is really hard to capture the interplay of colors on camera, but I like it even better than the "official" colorways in the book.

Now that the spring has finally arrived and I don't need to wear a thick wooly sweater all the time, I'm also not feeling compelled to knit a thick wooly sweater all the time.  I very much enjoyed attending Cedar Tree's auction yesterday (we have a 6 months' supply of Franz bread, some wine from Dry Falls Cellars, and a basket of family game night goodies to enjoy), but I was sorry that I did not contribute a quilt this year.  So I am resolving now to make up for it next year.  Quilting it is, and maybe lighter knitting for awhile.

So in Iran, I understand the hard-line clerics are at odds with Ahmadinejad, the mad dwarf president.  They have brought charges against some of his top aides, accusing them of magic and unlawful invocation of djinni.  It is... so difficult to know whom to root for here.  If only political cartoons were not forbidden under Islam.  The situation seems to call for them.

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