Monday, May 16, 2011


The organization of my sewing nook continues.  Above are the various wool and wool blend yarns recycled from thrift store sweaters.  I have a lot of greens and blues and pinks.  Most of them have been used in some of the 5 or 6 colorwork sweaters I've made from reclaimed yarn, but there's still potential for several more sweaters.
These are worsted and dk weight, mostly wool odd balls and leftovers.  Enough for a hat here and there, or a very colorful sweater with a lot of different things going on.
Leftover sock yarn.
Yarn intended for felting.
A UFO from the days when I was more comfortable crocheting than knitting and only bought acrylic yarn (circa 9 years ago).  I think I'm going to let it go.  Even though it was inspired by colors of my mother's granny square afghan.

I've even excavated long-forgotten crafts, like this rug-hooking project I started in Y2K (probably).  And the large plastic bag of wool scraps from when I took the Pendleton Woolen Mill tour.  And enough burlap for 3 or 4 more rugs after this one.  Did you know rug-hooking is quite fun?  I had forgotten. I hooked about a triangle and a half worth last night and cut strips for a little more.
A blast from the past -- the Piecemakers 1997 calendar quilt, begun when my 14-year-old was a baby.  I always meant to finish it, so a few years ago I pieced the connecting blocks:
... and now "all" I have to do is prepare and applique several dozen flowers on the corner and side blocks, together with their stems and leaves.  And some final embroidery on the house blocks.  At least I have it all in one box.
Another ancient artifact, circa 1999, when I was pregnant with the 11-year-old.  It was going to be a beautifully appliqued wall quilt for the living room, and I still remember that I spent about $70 on the fabrics for it.  I have no idea what to do with it now.  Even though we've moved since then it would still be gorgeous in our living room.  The colors are classic.  The piecing is not so perfect though.
I'm glad to report I have organized most of my knitting yarn now.  Still haven't touched the boxes of quilting scraps -- and I like scrappy quilts, so there are lots of them.  Assistance in the ongoing organization provided by Muffball, who stalks odd balls of yarn, especially handspun, by night and deposits them in other parts of the house.

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