Monday, May 23, 2011

Defining the Blog, part 2

So, last post I revealed to you what you had probably figured out already.  The blog will be eclectic.  I know that some people can blog and stick to one subject.  I will not be doing that.  I will, however, be in the running for the world's only blog about knitting, quilting, teaching Latin, and book reviews.  I love all of those things and will probably be alternating my blogtime between them.  So far in my blog history, I have not yet run out of book reviews that I want to do.  And if I blogged about every knitting pattern in my Ravelry queue, I could focus on that for about 4 years without missing a day or repeating a pattern.  Or every quilt pattern I have tagged for inspiration among my books and magazines.  I could work my way through Latin tutorials and share with you the accumulated wisdom of 11 years of teaching an ancient language.

But I refuse to limit myself.  I could dabble in political discussion, housekeeping tips, favorite recipes, history and current events, and of course philosophy and theology.  There are always family photos and humorous stories to share. 

Lack of attention span, you say?  Jill of all trades, master of none?  "A little learning is a dangerous thing"?  Most probably.  But if I had a single specialty and stuck to it exclusively, I would be a university professor and not a blogger, and I'd be having a whole lot less fun.

If you're just here for the quilt, it's called (appropriately enough for this entry) "Windmills of My Mind" and is my own design.  I was inspired by an article in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (before it changed its name and defied punctuation rules -- March 2005 #370) called "Big Block, Little Block" about creating transparencies with two different sized variations of the same block pattern.  I figured that if two different sizes were good, three would be better, or at least a whole lot more interesting.  It was interesting piecing, all right.  I narrowly escaped being driven insane by the permutations of different colors to get the layering effect.  Enjoy -- it's one of my favorite quilts.

I just found out today about the website sewmamasew, which is organizing a giveaway day on several craft blogs.  Check it out... the blogs usually require you to leave a comment to enter for their giveaway, and it's open for another 24 hours or so.

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