Friday, January 14, 2011

Comfort blogging

Everyone in the family caught the same cold this week. We soldiered through but tonight I'm staying in. Just finished watching Pride and Prejudice on my laptop. This thing's like a self-contained entertainment device. Who knew? I was only interrupted a few times. Peter burned his hand on a mug he had microwaved while empty. I guess he thought there was water in it. Soon the rest of the family will return from the fellowship group. Maybe if I pretend to still be suffering, they will put themselves to bed. I did get about an inch of the sleeves on Green Mountain Gardens knit during the movie. That's a fair amount of progress. Just think what I could accomplish if I barricaded myself in my room and watched DVDs every night!

One of the few disadvantages of knowing Latin: when you read the ingredients list of your homeopathic cold remedy and see "apis mellifica," you know what you're ingesting. If your cold is bad enough, you take it anyway.

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