Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Works in Progress. Aren't We All?

Does somebody want to grade Latin for me so I can knit to relieve the stress of grading Latin?  No?  Well, one argyle sock is done and the second cuff has been started.  I'm taking a break from the avalanche of 3rd quarter final exams I have to grade.  It's quite distressing, actually, even though my overall curve is good; someone seemed determined to get into every stanine from 30% on up.  Fortunately there is a strong plurality in the 90th percentile.  Ugh, though, I hate grading when there are so many students.  It's always interesting to see what choices they make, and depressing when they make unwise ones.  So much for 6th grade; let's see how 7th and 8th grades go.

It's the handwork that keeps me sane when the workload gets so intense and I start to worry about how the parents are going to react to Junior getting poor grades because he didn't bother to study the material from the pretest.  Unfortunately, it's times like this when I need it most, and have the least time for it.  I can feel the tightness in the neck and the migraine beginning, and there's very little to be done but push through the pain and hope the majority of kids studied like they were supposed to.  Fortunately Spring Break is soon.
Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks are multiplying.  It's slow, but they're multiplying.  I'm still organizing my scraps and having fun doing it when I get a chance.
A few crumbs and strings blocks that I was playing with as well.
The Crumbs auction quilt is at school, getting signed by everybody as I have a chance to visit classroooms.  All the upper school have signed it and I'm working still on K-2 and 4th grade still.

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Amy said...

Love the socks and the quilts.