Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday in Fabric and Yarn

Habemus socks!  They were an epic swath of stockinette on two size-zero circulars with a Zauberball lightweight fingering yarn.  They were finished last night, during Tertia's choir concert.  Steve will want to wear them tomorrow.  There was quite a bit of hanging out in the Room of Tears after the first pair of socks I made for Steve this year felted; I am hoping for a longer life-span for these.  I am posing them alongside The Colossus Rises, by Peter Lerangis, which is what you probably want to read after Percy Jackson.  It features middle-school misfits with dysfunctional lives and strange superpowers, but the characters are slightly less hilariously endearing.  I'm only a little way into it though, and it's certainly a page-turner.  In honor of the new pope I should probably also mention Henle Latin I and II, which are my textbooks for teaching Latin at a Protestant Christian school -- but which have indeed impressed me with the intellect of those Jesuits.  After thirteen years teaching Latin, I could understand the announcements before the reporters, which was a nice feeling!
My other knitting project has turned into a crochet project... I'm still working on the border of that bathmat rug.  I get to pick out the next knitting project/s soon!
The quilting of Easy Street continues.  I had a day off from school today because my students were all taking the National Latin Exam.  I really needed it, with allergy season starting and feeling run-down in a low-grade kind of way.  It's almost 75% done now and the final border is in sight on the rollers.  I can't really quilt for extended periods of time, it's just too draining, but I did it in short bursts in between watching pope coverage and running errands.
Now that my Crumbs quilt top is finished, it's at school awaiting signatures from all students and staff.  It's always so fun collecting signatures, K-12. 
Since finishing the Crumbs top I have been working on organizing my existing scraps.  I stayed up way too late Monday night doing this.  My scraps are not noticeably less than they were before, but I'm excited about how organized they are becoming!  In the foreground, left to right, I have my "crumbs" bin for small bits; in the bag are triangles, precut polygons orphaned from other projects, and orphan block fragments waiting to be given new life; in the large bin are my "tinies", scraps bigger than crumbs but still not usually longer than 8" in any direction.  In the background although you can't see too well, there are bins for strips: 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5".
I have a bin for "foldables", which probably need to be subcut into strips at a later time.  All of these fabrics are mainly remnants from other sewing projects or reclaimed from other clothing or household textiles in the time-honored, thrifty way.  You would think after making a Farmer's Wife quilt and two crumbs quilts from them they would have gone down a bit, but no.  I'm not even showing you my color-organized bins of fabric that I bought specifically for quilting.  They still need to be organized. And there are all those shirts that I bought last week that need to be cut up.
I'm linking up today to WIP Wednesday and the Yarn-Along.

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