Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Randomday on Tuesday

Any day that begins with a 7:00 am departure time with 6 8th-grade girls in a minivan to attend a choir festival an hour's drive away is randomday by definition.  So I will treat it as such.

When you have 8th-grade girls in your car, all roads lead to Justin Bieber.

Did you know that the Terwilliger curves are hilariously funny?  Me neither.  I think it was the way they pronounced "Terwilliger," but maybe you had to be there.  Oh yes, I was there.  I don't get it.

Tertia stayed home from school today after her epic Awkward Moment yesterday.  She did not throw up again and should be able to return to school tomorrow.  Steve worked from home today so he could keep an eye on her.

One of my knitting friends last night commented that Tertia really provided a valuable service to her classmates, by probably giving them such a negative association with ... you know ... that they will stay away from ... you know ... until they are well past adolescence.  Maybe, but I do feel like we should buy a gallon of Lysol and gift it to her Health teacher.  I am grateful that Tertia does not seem to feel embarrassed at all by her ultimate awkward moment.  I would quite literally have died.

Sometimes it must be an advantage to have Down syndrome.

Tertia knows when Justin Bieber's birthday is.  She still remembers the birthdays of most of her elementary school classmates as well.

It was great to hear the choirs in Newberg.  My second drive to Newberg in 4 days.  Cedar Tree 8th grade choir did very well.  So did the other choirs.  I know the director of the Veritas choir from 15 years ago when we both were in Denver.  We were young moms together.  Now we are very busy, not-so-young moms, deeply involved in the Classical Christian school movement.

Tertia's IEP meeting was today.  Public school teachers are probably paid 8 times what I am plus benefits, but they are stretched very thin these days.  It went about as well as those things go... we heard lots of statistics about what kind of testing and what kind of accommodations and what kind of expectations for next year there are, and decided she should take art for her third elective next year.

"Sped" is apparently no longer an insulting term, just professional abbreviated jargon for Special Education.  Tertia's teacher just got her master's degree in this field.  That's probably good for a pay raise to ten times my salary.  Sigh.

I have parent-teacher conferences later on this week.  And the pretest for the final exam.  And Saturday will be extremely busy, with Daniel coming in, Secundus attending a planning meeting for a missions trip, a wedding at which Steve will be playing piano, and then possibly rushing off to a funeral for a co-worker.  So although it will be Randomday on Saturday, I will probably not be blogging then.  Enjoy your dose of random for the week.

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