Saturday, September 8, 2012

Randomday with Quesadillas

Thrift store shopping today... in the morning I took the girls to Portland to the big Goodwill.  We found capris that fit like jeans and shorts that fit like capris for Tertia, and some dresses and tops for both girls.  Also some more of Grandma Maffett's china pattern... "Saxony" by Johnson bros. is the incarnation I found, but Grandma had "Blue Fjord" by Wood and sons.  Same basic pattern.  I was also snagged by "Indies" by Johnson bros. -- similar pattern in a dinner plate.

We went on to Lloyd Center to go to Nordstrom's to buy dress shoes for the girls.  Quarta needed Mary Janes for school uniform and Tertia needed something more supportive than she had, that maybe we can fit one of her older orthotics into.

This afternoon I excavated the dehydrator from the basement and hope to make dried apples soon, but cleaning it up took all the time I had.  Also made a grape pie for dinner tomorrow, and then went out to the local Salvation Army store... they were having a half price sale and I bought a bunch of shirts for the girls and me and a quesadilla maker.  The kids love it when we visit my Dad because they make quesadillas.  This one doesn't make the cute little cactus designs on each wedge, but they still tasted good for supper.

I have 46 students this year in my three classes.  That's a lot.  I had to draw extra lines to subdivide my gradebook for 6th grade to fit the participation grade records in.

We just watched Dr. Who.  I'm not the greatest Dr. Who fan in the world, but I did love Rory's father's line: "What sort of a man doesn't carry a trowel?"  Steve would say that.

Steve got into a mild bit of trouble for using a spatula as a flyswatter today.  He broke the spatula, but did kill the fly.  I really should have checked the thrift stores for spatulas.

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