Thursday, December 21, 2017

On Ringo Lake - Part 4

Once again I'm linking up to the Quiltville mystery, On Ringo Lake. This week was clue 4. You can see what everyone else has been doing here.

I made a collage of pictures I took in the last week. I'm still only about half done with clue 4, which isn't bad considering I have both boys back home for the holidays and we've been doing a lot of nice family things. Like steak and turkey dinners, Quarta's school dance, and going to see Star Wars. Also my cousin challenged me to that Facebook thing where you take black/white photos of ordinary life for 7 days. It's hard to focus on the sewing, but this clue is kind of a fun one. It's nice to work with the browns and blues again. I wonder where it's all going?

I like a LOT of variety in my scrappy quilts! No problem with the blues, but I have a somewhat more limited selection of dark browns. Still, I don't think there will be too much repetition. I also notice that if I have a "signature" fabric, it's plaids. They are in every quilt I make. Must be my Scottish ancestry.

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