Saturday, May 30, 2015


I had graded a gross of Latin papers since giving the exam yesterday (31 Logic students times 4 pages is 124, then 7 6th graders times 2 pages is another 14 making 138 and then I had bogged down on the 3rd page -sentence translations - without even realizing it was a gross until later) when I realized I faced three choices.  I could gouge my eyes out because of the constant infractions of the i-before-e rule.  I could continue grading when every fiber of my being rebelled. Or I could channel that revulsion and shampoo the carpets.  Yes, there comes a time when shampooing carpets is a welcome respite.  It doesn't happen often.  The downstairs and the steps have now been cleaned and the Bissell has been returned to its spot in the basement, there to rest for another few years.

And after cleaning the carpets and making bread dough and granola, and after Daniel and Steve spent the afternoon trimming the sycamore tree and doing other yardwork, I succeeded in grading those last few pages of exams.  I did have to make a trek to buy bubble tea, but that did the trick.  I might even finish the other chores I need to do to make the house ready for guests.  I guess Peter can graduate next week after all.

(No seniors were actually arrested in this picture; it was staged for the kindergarten class).

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