Saturday, May 16, 2015

Randomday; Little Things, Big Things

Very few blog posts in the last months could mean that I am unusually busy, unusually distracted, unusually sad or overwhelmed by life, or unusually unproductive in the areas of quilting and knitting that are my usual blog fodder.  All of these are true, I suppose, in varying degrees.  But I still miss blogging when it doesn't happen and want to do it more.  The thing I am really struggling with is taking, organizing and editing the photos that make people want to read the stuff I write.  Because I'm always writing in my head, but I know that most people won't read it without a photo.  I can take photos of little things, organize them, and eventually blog about them (witness, these pictures of my minor domestic achievement in January, organizing my spice cabinets):
(I have three lazy susan organizers, one for herbs, one for ground spices and one for seeds and whole spices.  After a trip to Penzey's in January I organized and alphebetized them beautifully, and stored the extra spices in the restock box neatly on the top shelf).
This, unfortunately, is no longer what my spice cabinet looks like when I finally get around to blogging about it months later... but the thought was there!  In the meantime, though, an awful lot of real and meaningful family life has passed by without photo documentation, and the alphebetized caraway, celery, cumin, and dill seeds on the whole spices organizer kind of pale in comparison to the son in college, the son graduating from Cedar Tree, the daughter in 9th grade in public school special ed, the daughter in 7th grade, and the nearly 40 middle school students I have the seemingly impossible task of teaching Latin. How can anyone adequately photograph and write about all these experiences?  I tried for a few years with varying success, and I guess the moral of the story is that you can only control the little things and try to position yourself as best you can for the big things that will happen with or without your help. And ideally, be able to "let it go" when you encounter the real or perceived disapproval of others.  That's the hardest part for me and will always be so.

Last night was Senior Thesis presentation night at Cedar Tree.  Here is Peter giving his 6-minute or less presentation on his take on the Just War theory.  I am very proud of him.  He's very glad it's over, and graduation is coming up fast.

The annual Hazel Dell Parade of Bands was this morning, just a few blocks away from us.  I've blogged about it more extensively in previous years when I was, you know, blogging more extensively.  It is an amazing bit of Americana and even though I get overwhelmed by standing for a few hours with loud noises and people all around, I still love it.  This year, three of Quarta's friends accompanied her home from Peter's senior thesis night, watched a Dr. Who marathon and went to the parade all together.  There were bands from all over, local politicians, antique fire trucks, local businesses throwing around candy.  Jimmy John's gave out sandwiches, someone else had popsicles, Big Al's moving company with the map of Samoa on the side of the trucks were handing out plastic leis.  Fun times for all.

And Daniel is coming home tomorrow from his Junior year at Grove City.  We are so excited to see him again.  And only three more weeks of school for the rest of us!  Maybe, just maybe, I can shampoo the rest of the carpets before graduation.  I wouldn't go so far as to plan to clean the whole house or anything.  Just the little things are quite enough.

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