Monday, May 12, 2014

Randomdays and Mondays

I started writing one of my Randomday posts on Saturday but it never got finished, Saturday was so random.  I didn't feel like celebrating Mother's Day, and we roll right around again to the random beginning of the week.  Double random.

There is still no finished knitting to report, no finished quilting, no pretty handspun.  I did add about 1200 yards of black wool (aran-ish weight) reclaimed from a thrift store sweater, to my stash of yarn.  I guess this makes my first stash report of 2014.  I should format it officially, but... not today.  Monday's edit: today either.

Daniel is halfway done with his final exams and will be coming home next week.  It is hard having him so far away and will be great having him back for the summer.  Of course, Peter will be leaving for basic training at the end of June, which will be doubly weird.  Life gets so much more complicated when your children are nearly grown.  Suddenly, the daily routine of school and family seems to get a lot more intense, and sometimes the comforting routine vanishes altogether.  Witness my lack of regular blogging, which is a comforting routine for me if for no one else.

Amazon kicked me off their "associates" list because I didn't bring in any referrals.  I never was any good at selling things, and it took me a long time just to figure out how to put in the links right.  I'm still trying to figure out how hurt I should be.  I will still write book reviews, but as far as I'm concerned, you should just get them from the library and save your money!

I have this wart that I'm trying to get rid of on my right thumb, just next to the nail.  I thought it was an oddly-shaped hangnail for quite some time.  Now there is this weirdly fascinating science experiment going on as I keep it marinating in apple cider vinegar to starve it of nutrients and make it fall off.  Five days and counting now, and it's a constant dull stinging presence.  I can't stand to keep the dressing on overnight.  Monday's edit: it's mostly gone after yesterday, just a tiny bit still to go, and the pain is much better.  Another day or two of smelling like salad dressing should do it.

To distract myself from the pain in my thumb I've been doing extra DuoLingo lessons. I finished my Italian "tree" this morning.  I'm officially ready for my vacation to Rome now!  I can't pay my own way, but if  you pay mine, I can order the gelato!  I added French to the mix last week, and tested out of  the first several levels.  My goal is to finish that tree quickly (I was a French major in college, after all, but the vocabulary has faded), and then try for German.  By that time, Dutch and then Russian should be available in Beta.

I need to go and teach school.  And I think I need to stop for gas in the van on the way.  And after teaching, I need to go to Costco, and then run the afternoon carpool.  Sometime this week, I have to find time to write the calligraphy names on the certificates for the National Latin Exam winners.  The only trouble is there is never any time when I can spread the work out when there isn't somebody who isn't supposed to see it around.

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