Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013

 Daniel wished he had Instagram.
 Quarta made a fruit salad like she read about in Highlights.
Secundus was the grill chef.  Chicken tenderloins marinated in Thai-Malaysian Curry-Ginger Marinade for Tofu from Passionate Vegetarian... really good for meat too! 
 Strawberry Pretzel Dessert - an ode to my Midwest upbringing.  Pretty sure it passed for a salad at church dinners when I was growing up.
On my Grandma's china.  Grandma Maffett, not Grandma Bogue.  I don't remember Grandma Bogue ever making this, (and she was the undisputed queen of desserts) but the creamy filling is a lot like her Davy's Delight.  Which is a recipe I'll have to share sometime because it's not known to Google, apparently.
I got a tiny bit of spinning done for the Tour de Fleece today too.  We have hours to go before dark and then it will be noisy for quite awhile in our neighborhood.  The kids bought sparklers and spinners and those pathetic "glow worms" and "magic colored snakes" for later.  The best way to enjoy the snakes is to throw a whole package of them into the firebowl, according to Daniel.  We only do non-airborne fireworks, but our neighbors go all out.  Yesterday it sounded like a an entire fireworks stand went off all at once at one point.  Oh well, the country only turns 237 once.

CCXXXVII a patria condita

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