Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday: 21-3-12 edition

A big milestone this week: all 111 Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks are now done!  They are hanging out on my design wall until I can get them sewn together.  Here are the closeups of the ones from this week... I'm going to miss having these little blocks to share!
#105: Wild Goose Chase.  Reminds me of those Crumbs quilt blocks with the trees.
#106: Wild Rose and Square.  Every single one of these fabrics has some kind of roses on it.
#107: Windblown Square
#108: Windmill
#109: Windows
#110 Wood Lily.  This is almost identical to the Spider Legs one, and required paper piecing.
#111: Wrench.  The joke's on me for this one.  I wanted to use that cute vintage print with ships and carriages, because I thought I'd only used it on one other block.  Well, looking back over the blocks, here's the other block:
#20 Churn Dash.  Yes, I'm a creature of habit, it seems.  Good thing I chose a blue plaid instead of a brown plaid for that final block!!

No real progress has been made on anything other than FWQ because of parent-teacher conferences and, you know, the 4 kids.  Primigenitus will be making a college decision soon; Tertia will be needing extensive orthodontic work.  Woohoo!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day: if you love someone with Down syndrome, congratulations, and be sure to enjoy the blessings they bring to your life.  I posted about that yesterday, and you may enjoy this video too (be prepared for tears):

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