Monday, November 21, 2011

The Friendly Yellow Moth, and a Farmer's Wife Update

Back when we were painting our house Friendly Yellow last summer, we had no idea we would be providing habitat for this little critter, who parked itself against the siding most of the day yesterday.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's pretty much a perfect match, better than the first attempt to match the paint chip anyway.  I have no idea of the species, but you've heard of peppered moths?  Maybe this is a butter moth.  Sadly, Secundus swatted it yesterday evening.  He hadn't gotten the memo that moths OUTSIDE the house are okay, it's just the interior ones we worry about.  Somebody tell me it came from one of those big ugly cabbage worms, and then I won't feel so bad.
 But anyway.  I've got a few new Farmer's Wife blocks: this is #69, Practical Orchard. (What's more practical than plaid?)
#70, Prairie Queen. Scraps from little girl sewing projects.
#71, Puss in the Corner.  Wow, I got adventurous putting strange things together.
#72 Railroad.  That green calico is from my very first quilt, circa 1983.
#73, Rainbow Flowers.  More like rainbow sherbet... raspberry, orange, lemon, lime.  Mmm!
I pieced most of those Saturday evening while working on sewing together my Crumbs quilt top.  It's almost done, but I'll wait a day or two for the reveal.  I'm excited about it, though.

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Elaine M said...

Your blocks look great, like the colors.

Some hardware stores will identify moths and bugs for you. It does not look like a Codling moth; causes worms in apples. Maybe this moth does cause worms in your garden. We have 3 apple tress and pick all apples that drop because the moths lay their eggs and cause worms in next years crop.