Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour de Fleece!

I had forgotten about the Tour de Fleece until today when I saw Spinning Daydreams' blog.  So I took the spinning wheel out to the deck and spun for awhile.  Nothing special, just using up some mill ends and odd bits of roving from Sheep Shed studio that I've had for too long.  I spun a bobbin mostly full; it was so pleasant in the gentle breeze.  Pictures will have to be later.  I really doubt I'll be spinning every day of the tour, but I have enough of a backlog, there's no harm trying. 

Stayed up too late last night, after reading Redwall to the girls and then watching Apollo 13 with the boys.  There was a library run this morning, a nap early afternoon, then a shopping run where Primigenitus checked out Interstellar Overdrive, the new science fiction/fantasy used bookshop opening in our neighborhood.
And check out this amazing display of creativity: Middle Earth recreated entirely in Legos.  I am stunned.

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