Friday, June 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning - better late than never

The old aquarium sold on Craig's List... yay!  And to a nice vet from the Oregon coast who needed an emergency habitat for an abandoned corn snake.  He took the whole setup in hopes that he could find a home for the snake and use it for fish someday.  He had a lot more compassion on the "poor little guy" than I would have had.  Catch me leaving a snake in a cardboard box in my living room for even a second!  I would be climbing on top of the piano.  But it's a relief to have that out of the house and a little bit of time to give the living room a much-needed reorganization.  Not much time, though -- guests are arriving for Bible study in less than 4 hours.

I've moved the bookshelves in the living/dining rooms around, and we now have 3 by the front entryway.  One is holding the 10-gallon aquarium and A-list theology books, and the other 2 are probably designated for the Great Books set and more theology and history.  That's about as far as I've gotten, besides trying to locate the missing pieces for 2 chess sets, 3 checkers sets, and 2 sets of dominoes.  Some of my children apparently have a compulsion to drop them behind bookshelves (I suspect Tertia).  The worst is the random playing cards I find all over the house in odd corners.  I keep putting them with the massive Hand and Foot deck in hopes we will play that again sometime.  I'm going to make an attempt to tackle the scrapbooks this summer too.  I'm writing it down here so I can't weasel out.  The scrapbooking gene completely missed me, so unless I get to write the captions under the photos that somebody else organizes and puts in place, I have no desire to do it whatsoever.

I made Kale Chips with the bunch of Kale we got from Grace's Garden this week.  They're actually quite nice - in the way that healthy food is "quite nice" if you adjust your expectations because of its healthiness.  Secundus has been snacking on them a lot, but the girls took one look at the dark green leafiness of them and shuddered away.  I'll put them out tonight next to the chocolate chip cookies Primigenitus made.  Wonder which will be gone first?

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