Friday, June 3, 2011

Spelling Bee

We just finished watching our recording of the National Spelling Bee.  I love doing this, every year.  It's so great to see middle schoolers up there, being smart, using their Latin.  I love the ritual of it, the guessing what the language of origin is before the question is asked, the humorous sample sentences.  I've always had a bit of a crush on the pronouncer, Dr. Bailly, who was the national champion the same year I went out in the Northeast Ohio regionals on "poignant."  (I missed "paroxysm" in the local bee but advanced anyway; the school used a written test on which I only missed "panicky." Something about those P words.)

More P words in this year's bee... I was excited when I heard "pinetum" (a grove of evergreen trees, basically) because I used it as the name for one of our school teams at the Latin Certamen for the past two years.  And I wish that the girl who misspelled "privatim" had asked the part of speech -- because if she had realized it was an adverb she would surely have not spelled it "privatum."

I gave the final exam today, and graded it too.  It's always an exhausting and somewhat depressing task, as I start to question either why I'm so hard on these kids, or why they don't study more -- sometimes both.  I also graded the 8th grade's Nicene Creed worksheets.  Still to come next week - Dies Irae (all 20 verses) for 7th grade and Nunc Dimittis for 6th.  But sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.  Only one more week to go.

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