Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day

3-14 is Pi day.  So I made this.  It's blueberry by special request of all the blueberry lovers in this family.  The rest of the meal will be Hamburger Helper and salad-in-a-bag.

Speaking of blue, here is the skein of yarn I plied the other day.  It's "Salt Marsh" by Dicentra Designs in a wool-silk blend, about 400 yards of laceweight.  It's always an adventure to ply a variegated yarn, and I think this one will be pretty when knit up into something.  The lighter colors found each other and the darker colors found each other.  After letting it sit on the bobbin for a day or so, I wound it onto my yarn swift, tied it carefully in several places, and gave it a soak in some cold water with a capful of Kookaburra wool wash.  Then I squeezed it out, thwacked it against the side of the sink (this sets the twist, I am told... and besides, it's fun), and hung it to dry.  It's all dry and smells pleasantly of clean sheep and eucalyptus now.  Now it will wait patiently for me to spindle-spin the rest of the fiber and choose a masterpiece lace shawl pattern.  That may take some time.

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