Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Magician's Nephew

Braving the truly glacial pace of our internet connection to try a post about Cedar Tree's production of The Magician's Nephew at the Loves Street Playhouse in Woodland, WA.

As the mother of Aslan, I could hardly be less than proud of these young people and their hard work on this charming children's theater production.  Every single one of them is a student or former student of mine.  All shows sold out before opening night, so unfortunately, only a select few will get to see the care that went into this production.  Melinda Leuthold did a fantastic job as director, applying her artistic vision and pulling out quality performances from every single cast member.  I was especially impressed with makeup and costuming -- Narnian animals came alive, Queen Jadis screeched at Aunt Letty, who responded in high dudgeon as any proper Victorian aunt would, and Uncle Andrew stole the show with his unruly wig.

If you can't make it to Narnia, check out one of the other productions upcoming at the Playhouse.  It's a beautifully restored tiny church building with a nice intimate feel.  I took a picture of one of the stained glass lights:

While you're waiting to watch the show, if you like Thai food, check out Mali Thai on the other side of I5 from the playhouse.  It's a little storefront Thai place, but great food, fast service and they're happy to adapt a smoothie so it's kid size.  They are the only Asian restaurant I've ever seen that has an illustrated kids' menu, with actual Asian, not American, specialties.  This was a huge hit with my daughters, who don't think they like Thai food but changed their minds when they saw the pretty plates with wontons that look like flowers, carrots that look like flowers, egg rolls, barbecued chicken, etc.

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