Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sturm und Drang

This is the shawl known as Damson, made in lovely MadelineTosh Merino Light in the "thunderstorm" colorway.  The yarn and pattern were a gift in a Christmas exchange among my knitting circle.  The knitting of it was more frustrating than a simple pattern like that really had the right to be.  I cast on New Year's Day but ripped back at least 3 times before really getting started at the end of January... and then there was the little adventure of running out of yarn for the last 5 rows.  I had to substitute some of my homespun in a similar value but with a thick-and-thin texture, so the border edging is not going to lie perfectly flat.

But then, I got rid of my perfectionism years ago or I would no longer be doing handwork at all.

Snow day today.  Yes, that's just 2 or 3 inches of snow and the roads were fine, but that's how things go here.  It makes a  nice background for my photo shoot.

Despite what you might think would be optimal conditions for knitting, I have done none yesterday or today.  Quilting either.  Yesterday I blocked the shawl and did some cooking: Mexican lasagna for dinner last night with plum cobbler for dessert.  Tonight it will be Gumbo Zeb from the freezer, with hot sausage.

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Donna B said...

Hi Kathy!

The Damson is beautiful... think what the world would miss if no one got over perfectionism!

love your map puzzle find! Bruce also has a great fondness for maps. :-)