Saturday, December 3, 2016


A patchwork of thoughts from the scraps of the week...

I substitute taught Friday for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade. It was so fun to show up for classes, because the kids had been told I was there to play games with them, and I actually had a cheering section going in. It went pretty much the way a game day in Latin should go: the kids had fun and had a good chance to practice while doing it. 5th grade got to take a sample National Latin Exam... this was a new concept for them but I think they enjoyed it. I played Jeopardy with 4th grade, and I could sense the wheels turning in their brains. 3rd grade was just like a bunch of eager puppies. Still, when I went home after noon I think I crashed on the couch and fell asleep from residual kid exhaustion.

I finished up the first clue in the En Provence mystery quilt today, and began cutting more neutrals for clue 2. I need to make some decisions about the magenta, which is supposed to be a constant fabric; I don't have enough of any one fabric in my stash, and I don't want to buy more fabric, so I'm going to have to make it somewhat scrappy. I'll decide when I get into the sewing for that color in the next few days. Yesterday morning when I went to print out the directions, the printer ran out of magenta ink. It must have seen the challenge coming and balked!

We watched Jungle book yesterday evening, and then Tertia wanted to watch Maleficent, which she had bought with her birthday money, tonight. I think the moral complexities of turning Maleficent into the hero, and some of the other characters into villains, were a bit much for her. Afterwards she told me she preferred the animated version of Sleeping Beauty, and fished the VCR out of the cupboard for next time. Everyone liked the Jungle Book reboot, though... I especially loved the use of Kipling's poem on the Law of the Wolves. Modern literature so rarely includes poetry, and I think it's sad that children grow up without it.

Steve worked very hard on raking and mowing for most of the day today. It seems weird to be living in a climate where grass needs to be mowed in December. Quarta said there was a chance of snow coming up, but that seems rather unlikely.

The girls had an orthodontist appointment this week; Tertia is out of braces but needed to have her retainer checked, and Quarta is still in a holding pattern, waiting for a very slow tooth to grow in far enough to work on.

I was pretty lazy all day today; I sewed and cut, and I ironed a bit, and I made some food for tomorrow's fellowship dinner, but that was it. And now I'm going to read before falling asleep.

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